Casa Aviv: A Minimalist House of Handcrafted Appeal in Tulum, Mexico

Whimsical, Surreal & Insightful: The Masked Portraits of Volker Hermes Breathe New Life into Classical Portraiture

Casa Ter: A Vernacular-Inspired House in Spain Celebrates the Tactile Beauty of Catalan Craftsmanship

Sandra Weingort Revamps an Art-Filled Apartment in New York City with Mid-Century Eclecticism

TypeO Loft: A Rural Retreat in Sweden Celebrates Scandinavian Design

Aldo Giannotti Mischievously Scrutinizes Contemporary Notions of Safety & Security at MAMBo

Batman Takes Some Time Off in Sebastian Magnani’s Whimsical Photographic Series

Robotic Automation Meets Primeval Building Practices in TECLA 3D Printed House

Michaelis Boyd Revamps a Georgian London home with Art-Inflected Playfulness

Agapecasa Celebrates the Innovative Artistry of Iconic Designer Angelo Mangiarotti

Swell: A Surfing Resort in Guatemala Marries Vernacular Charm with Contemporary Comforts

Laurent Minguet Uncannily Paints Hyperrealist Urban Landscapes on Wood

Es Bec d’Aguila: A Rural Retreat in Menorca Revels in Cosmopolitan Elegance

Litkovskaya’s Kiev Showroom Embodies the Fashion Brand’s Laconic Sophistication

Alexander & CO. Renovate a Victorian Cottage in Darling Point, Sydney

Zentral Café Restaurant Reinterprets Alpine Vernacular with Contemporary Finesse

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