Facebook makes clear that posts by politicians can break ‘normal’ rules

Internet metrics giant settles charges it faked its own numbers

Apple TV update arrives with multi-user support and a new home screen

If you’re feeling brave, the Pixel Slate and keyboard are on sale for $549

Windows 10 is used on over 900 million devices

Add eye tracking to your HTC Vive headset for $149

Lyft unifies transportation options inside its app

Build an Alexa Skill that controls Lego sets and win a prize

‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’ story trailer focuses on freedom fighters

‘Death Stranding’ PS4 Pro includes a baby pod-inspired controller

ASUS’ $900 gaming phone is now available in the US

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot is now a gymnast

Apple’s iOS 13.1 and iPadOS are now available

Even the ‘Fallout 76’ collectibles have issues

Daimler faces $960 million fine in Germany over emissions cheating

Amazon enlists 30 companies to improve how voice assistants work together

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